Jennifer Moore Photography
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Jennifer Moore, Photographer, Artist

My work is an appendage of myself; little arms and legs that belong wholly to me, of which I find difficult to live without. It is a strange thing to put my images outside of myself; for fear that they cannot breathe without me; for fear that they will stop living; for fear that I may stop living. As a mother must watch her children become independent and separate from her, the time has come for me to let go of my work; allowing it to find its own way in the world.

For a good deal of time, I felt that my work was separate and independent of my “other” life…my family. Today, I feel quite differently. I feel a portion of my artistic strength lies in what I know inside and out – my children, my family, and my experiences juggling motherhood, a career and my art. I have stopped resisting. I have caved. I have embraced this fact and I feel I am a better artist for it.

I am interested in emotions and experiences that influence our behavior. Birth, death, sexuality, culture, gender roles and religion play a pivotal role in shaping our lives. It is my intent to explore these commonalities through my photography to better understand humanity, motherhood, womanhood and myself.

Image: Sisters from the Sisters series