Jennifer Moore Photography
Pigs in WaterUntitled (with Boar Head)Birth and AfflictionBlasphemy Rules the World in White DressesSelf Portrait With PastUntitled (in Fog) Untitled Untitled (With Deer Skulls) or
Latent Memory Present, But Not Evident There She Goes Again, Unnatural Annihilation UntitledUntitled
Untitled (Surrealscapes)
Surrealscapes was inspired, in part, by photographer, Anne Brigman, whose images explored the idea of ecofeminism. Brigman’s work, which was unconventional for the time (1890’s), depicted nude women as mother earth or fairy-like creatures dramatically posed in a natural landscape. Brigman’s work suggested bohemianism and female liberation and was heavily influenced by the connection between women and the earth. It was Brigman’s sole concern to depict the oneness of woman and nature.

Very much like Brigman, my images do play on the connection between women and the earth. But, while Brigman’s images depicted a mythological or dream-like fairytale in a hopeful manner, my work examines the darker side that the devaluation of women and nature produce. My work chooses to face the issue of duel degradation head-on, offering viewers a grim outtake of what is to come if we continue on this path. So often, women are treated as our environment is treated; without respect and without regard for their needs. How long will it take before we are living in an environmental wasteland of women?