Jennifer Moore Photography
Cloven HoofBuggy and SkullUntitled ClovisFetal Position I Untitled Rape and LoveSkull in EntrywayFlies in PanFetal PositionBird, Skull and ArmsClovis LivesUntitled Untitled
Clovis (Flying House 2012)
I had the unique opportunity to participate in a collaboration for Flying House. The collaboration consisted of 6 artist/writer pairs who worked together to produce an anthology. The images that are in this gallery were produced in the span of a few short months. This was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had as an artist.

Flying House's rules...Once chosen, the artists and writers are split into writer/artist pairs and forced to collaborate. They must bump into walls, force themselves over thresholds, and stop themselves just short of flying out the window—because at the end of six months they are required to produce both a visual representation of their collaboration, as well as a piece of short fiction, poetry, or nonfiction.