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Original Sin
A Necessary Evil

According to St. Thomas, evil is a privation of form or order or due measure. The existence of evil began when Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge against God’s wishes. From that point forward, men were born with Original Sin. Christian theological doctrine states that Original Sin is humanity’s state of sin resulting from the fall of man when Adam and Eve ate that fateful fruit.

Prior to Adam and Eve eating from the Tree of Knowledge, they knew no pain. They lived in a beautiful, lush garden, had plenty of food to eat and lived a pain-free life without death. So why did they choose to eat the fruit that God had forbidden them to? As God made us intelligent, inquisitive beings capable of thought, wasn’t it just a matter of time before Adam and Eve disobeyed Him?

Without evil, would we know that good existed? I am interested in exploring the idea of good and evil coexisting. I am interested in exploiting the contrast between good and evil through their coexistence. Without evil, perhaps good would cease to remain good. Perhaps evil is as necessary as good.

-Jennifer Moore