Jennifer Moore Photography
There She Goes Again, Unnatural Annihilation
Digital Archival Print
Limited Editions
You eat the earth without regret, without regard for her. You treat her as one would treat a cheating lover. Forget her beauty. Forget her graciousness. Forget her ability to give selflessly. Forget her. Use her like she will be there forever. Use her like she means nothing. Use her like she is a whore. Use her. Abuse her. Consume her without regret. No need to reach for her. She submits. She takes your abuse. Sometimes it looks like she enjoys it. You assume she will always be there. You assume she’s yours alone. You assume she cannot fight back. You mistake her calm for weakness. But one day you will feel her wrath. You will feel how wrong you were. You will feel regret. You will feel shame. You will feel like the whore.
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